Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Prospect Farm’s SIL Referral Work?

At Prospect Farm we believe in getting the best possible match for participants in their choice of home and housemates.  To help us get an initial understanding of the participant’s needs we perform a,

  1. SIL Intake Screen which provides essential information about participants so we can run a,
  2. SIL Analysis – a truthful examination of information about a participant that guides our decision to offer support or not. If we can offer a SIL placement we will,
  3. Notify the participant and/or their representative to commence a very detailed information-gathering exercise called,
  4. The Participant Information Checklist, which asks participants, their families and supporters to provide fine details of the support the participant requires as well as provide supporting documentation such as diagnoses, functional assessments and similar. This Checklist provides further information to write up a,
  5. SIL Quote Submission – The document provided to the NDIS which states the case for a participant receiving funding to move into a Prospect Farm home.
How long does this Referral process take?

Here is a breakdown of the average times taken at each step of the SIL Referral Process:

  1. SIL Intake Screen
    We will send you the SIL Intake Screen as soon as you contact us.
  2. SIL Analysis
    Once we receive the completed SIL Intake Screen we will complete the analysis and return the results to you within 48 hours.
  3. SIL Quote
    As soon as we receive all the requested information and supporting documentation from you, we will assemble a SIL Quote and submit it to the NDIS within 3 working days.
  4. NDIS Decision
    This can vary from participant to participant and from region to region and from planner to planner and is not in Prospect Farm’s control. We respond immediately to all NDIS’ requests for further particulars or clarification to enable the decision to be made by the NDIS quickly and with minimum delay.
What is the Contribution made by participants to their rent and consumables?

The NDIS does not pay for rent, groceries, utilities (electricity water rates etc) and consumables (washing powder etc).  Therefore, participants make a weekly contribution currently amounting to $320 per week to cover all these costs. A breakdown of contributions and spending is kept up to date at all times by Prospect Farm and shows the balance of the participant’s contributions.

What if a participant wants Prospect Farm to provide SIL but doesn’t like any houses on offer?

Prospect Farm will work with the participant and their supporters to find a suitable home if none of our vacancies are suitable. This may take longer than the standard Referral Process because time is required to investigate home options and for the participant to be happy with new possibilities.

I have an emergency; a participant whom I represent requires SIL urgently. Can you provide SIL quickly?

Our record from “Go (Enquiry) to Whoa (Move in)” is 4 days! This requires the NDIS to be onside, aware of and supportive of the emergency in the participant’s accommodation situation. Such a rapid turnaround may not provide the ideal fit for a participant in their SIL preferences, but it offers relief from whatever situation is creating an emergency, and in our experience, this is the most important issue.