How we’re providing Supported Independent Living differently

At Prospect Farm Accommodation, we’re proud of our personalised approach.

Our Homes

Prospect Farm Accommodation offers a range of accommodation styles in both town and country settings.

Our accommodation for people with a disability is customised for each participant to create a real sense of belonging. This is their home, after all. Homes are always immaculately maintained, feature modern amenities and often picturesque surrounds to inspire peace and relaxation.

A home provided by Prospect Farm Accommodation is a home for living in. We encourage people to have a great social life, but also quiet time and privacy. We also strongly encourage participants to take an active role in caring for their home.

Our Support Staff

Our competent and caring support staff are at the heart of Prospect Farm Accommodation.

We provide ongoing, industry-leading training and real-time consultation and support to all support staff to ensure their skills are always developing and that they offer an ever-improving level of care. This excellent level of care extends throughout the whole of the organisation. It’s this strong sense of community that encourages accountability and contribution for all, from participants and families to support staff and management.

Our Support Advantage

All Support Staff have access to our 24-Hour Help Desk manned by an experienced Support Expert. In the home, staff work with specially developed, intuitive software, giving them unique, game-changing advantages over other workers in the sector. Our support workers are able to reach out for assistance at any time of the day or night, should they require additional direction and advice when caring in the home.

Our unique software tools mean, from the moment our support workers arrive until the minute they leave, they have a clear plan, continuous “on-tap” support and detailed resource-base tools.

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